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Dear friends,

I welcome you at the web-site of the Law Company "Business-Analytics". The web-site contains full information on our services, principles and priorities of our work, the Company competitive advantages as well as regions of Russia and foreign countries where we can defend the interests of our clients.

We do not try to attract new clients by fine speeches about high professionalism, distinguished experience, absolute reliability, strict confidentiality, uniqueness and so on and so forth. It is common knowledge that at the tough market of legal services a company cannot develop without such qualities. We just work very hard. The projects that we successfully implemented and may talk about without breaking any confidentiality obligations tell more about us than anything else.

We are glad with all our hearts when our work helps our clients to settle disputable matters and situations. We are upset when our clients cannot achieve their goals fully in spite of our efforts. We try to adjust such an interaction between the Company and our clients as if they work with their staff lawyers who are always by their side and ready to help. It is essential that our clients always feel safe and know for sure that we shall move heaven and earth in settling any of their problems.

We consider our top achievement the fact that since the Company establishment no client has left us. This fact will become much more representative if remember that the relations between clients and the Company are formed not always smoothly. Any client has to overcome doubts and fears when charging outsiders to solve their legal problems. The Company has to go through some difficulties as well when adjusting its work to meet the requirements of every client. But once travelling this complicated road, we (our clients and the Company) become not just a customer and a contractor but Partners.

The Law Company "Business-Analytics"  is always happy to see both who did us an honor and became our clients and those who just intend to entrust special-purpose legal organizations or lawyers with solving their problems and disputable situations. We look forward to seeing you.

Best regards,

Sergey Nikitin