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The Company History

It was 2003 when the idea of establishing a holding Company that would provide the full range of legal support services for both companies and individuals from Russian regions and abroad came to us. As to the sphere of the Company’s activity, we formulated it as a national and international legal counsel. The original goal was to arrange the Company so that it could work on the principle of “an organization’s legal department”. We understand it as follows:

  • The Company is always ready to solve definite problems of clients at a definite time interval. But generally such approach allows working out only day-to-day problems. So, the Company should strive for the resolution of clients’ strategic goals also. To fulfill the task, the Company is to know the client’s origin and development and the origin of the client’s disputable matters, and is to forecast how the methods of disputes resolution could affect the client’s business future development.
  • The collaboration with a client should provide for the resolution of legal problems “through the dynamic aspect”, i.e. it is necessary to predict and prevent possible disputes in the future.

On the basis of the foregoing, we formulated the fundamental priorities for the Company’s activity:

  1. to prevent clients from arising disputable matters and situations;
  2. to follow the main criterion (to our opinion) – Reliability (which includes professionalism, confidentiality, strict fulfillment of undertaken obligations and many other things).
    To realize our idea of the Company, we set the following agenda to be realized during the preliminary stage of work:
  1. We are to build up the ultimate confidence between the clients and the Company. As a rule, such confidence takes years of collaboration.
  2. We are to keep up competitive prices in spite of the increased volume of the Company’s expenditures (professional, time, technical, financial etc.). Still these expenditures were essential preconditions for the Company’s success within the above-mentioned principle.
  3. There is a wide-spread wrong belief among clients that a lawyer should be paid for the resolution of disputes but not for their prevention (prevention charges are always lower, but less representative because there are no court victories). It is essential to bring to clients’ understanding that the lack of disputable matters and situations is the best indicator of the quality of the Company’s work. On the contrary, a large number of litigation cases (even successful) is the first sign of the poor-quality legal support.
  4. It was necessary to develop specific methods for the legal support.
  5. Special-purpose software is necessary to provide automated receipt, registration, fulfillment and result’s transfer in the strict confidential mode.
  6. We are to select personnel speaking foreign languages and with experience in negotiations, lawmaking, contract, court, managerial work, international work and other, and to build a team ready and capable to solve any professional challenges.
  7. We are to work out and implement a strategy on how to prevent and neutralize possible psychological, administrative, criminal and other illegal pressure on the Company and its staff in the discharge of their professional duties.

We should admit that the preliminary stage (it took several years, the date of the Company’s state registration is May 04, 2008) and the first years of the Company’s activity were tough. But it was that particular period when we gained our valuable prestige and reputation.

Our highly professional specialists contributed to the development of the Company very much. Most of them have experience in the development, work and management at large legal departments of enterprises. Their strong belief in the correctness of the formulated principles and priorities of the Company’s activities, their professional work and informal approach to their duties allowed the Company to find its niche at the legal services market and to become a regional largest special-purpose legal company.

At present the Company provides legal services in the following regions: Udmurt Republic, Moscow and Moscow region, Samara region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Perm region, Sverdlovsk region, FSU and European countries.

The Company is not satisfied with what has already been achieved. We hope our history will be added to on a regular basis.  

Sergey Nikitin


Member of the Udmurt public charity organization “Courage” - Association of Veterans and Officers of Antiterrorism and Organised Crime Control departments,

Member of the Public Council in the Ministry of the Interior at the Udmurt Republic.