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It is common knowledge that at all times and all over the world lawyers who defend interests of commercial organizations are their attorneys. And a reliable and long-term partnership is crucial in this matter.

Specialists of the Law Company "Business-Analytics" Ltd. has been successfully working at the legal services market for more than 15 years. They have a considerable experience in business negotiations, out-of-court dispute resolution, and resolution of corporate and international lawsuits. We render full-scale legal support services for our clients on a subscriber basis.

We have worked out our own procedures for the legal support of clients and legal auditing of enterprises and organizations.

A sphere of great importance to our clients is court resolution of tax conflicts and disputes that are common in business. Disputes with tax authorities can be also settled outside the courts through mediation, i.e. through a third party, the mediator who assists the parties to resolve the conflict in a mutually agreeable way. Tax optimization procedure helps clients to minimize tax payments and number of claims from tax authorities.

Thereby, cooperation with the Law Company provides not only competent conduct of lawsuits and defense in the arbitration court but also resolution of legal problems in different areas including bankruptcy procedure and debt recovery.

In the course of the Company development and experience accumulation we have formulated the following priorities (specialization) in the Company activity regarding legal services support:

  • permanent (subscriber-based) legal support of industrial enterprises and/or trading organizations with the staff up to 3,000;
  • corporate legal relations;
  • legal auditing (“Due Diligence”);
  • tax optimization;
  • international economic activity.

The above-mentioned priorities indicate those areas where the Company specialists have the greatest experience and have achieved the largest professional results. The full list of the Company services is available at the site relevant section.