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Strategical legal consulting

The section provides the basic list of our services. To provide them, the Company needs not only high-level professional qualification, experience and knowledge in many branches of law but also in tax accounting and bookkeeping, finances and banking, administrative management and law-making etc.

Strategical legal consulting usually refers to the development and adoption of optimal long-term plans at an enterprise. But options best for the business are not always legal from the judicial point of view. Within the strategical legal consulting we can conduct legal auditing of a company and its activities and work out our offers regarding tax optimization, minimization of legal risks and legal planning. A full set of necessary documents is also submitted

Legal consulting is especially important for the Russian environment because the legislative control over business in Russia is more redundant than in the West. The service is also of high priority for foreign companies that set up their branches on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Legal support of organizations

The section contains the description of subscriber-based services. Their specific list and volume are formed to meet a client’s individual requirements. For each client we prepare a commercial offer which is based on the Company’s experience and which allows to reach compromise between the subscriber-based service price and the volume of necessary services.

The Company’s each client who is on a subscriber-based service is a VIP client. Such client has a personal advisor and is provided with considerable price discounts for those services that are not included into the subscriber-based service package.

During the years’ work a well-coordinated professional team was formed in our Company; the team has gained a great experience in overall legal support of different projects and bargains.

A subscriber-based legal service is one of the most convenient ways of cooperation to our clients. In most cases legal problems appear from time to time, so on the one hand having a lawyer on the staff is unprofitable but on the other one-time legal counseling is not efficient either.

Besides, within the subscriber service a client can get legal advice from a specialist of any practice and a relevant experience. One more advantage is that not only a client is getting used to trust his or her legal company but also the legal company itself is getting to know the client from different points of his/her business. That allows working out an individual approach to each client, which is fundamental for a long-term successful cooperation.   


Current legal problems

The section contains the basic (not full) list of our legal services that are not specified in the two above-mentioned sections. These particular services are referred to current legal activities. The list of the services allows you to understand the Company capabilities of solving legal problems. If you do not find a service you need, we recommend making an inquiry about a definite legal service/problem (via e-mail or FAQ section) and we shall send a relevant commercial offer.