Suschevskiy Val Street 5 Building 2, Moscow
Phone/ fax: +7 (495) 609-28-16

Strategical legal consulting

  • legal planning of the establishment and the development of companies and commercial projects including the participation of foreign entities;
  • elaboration of legal concepts for investment projects to minimize investors’ (including foreign investors’) legal risks;
  • elaboration of the complete package of legal documents to establish companies, to implement commercial and investment projects and to establish a company/branch/rep office of a foreign entity in Russia;
  • establishment of permanent or temporary legal departments at a company location or a commercial and/or investment project execution place, supervision of staff/lawyers recruitment to the legal departments, methodological and general supervision of the departments’ activities;
  • selective or total legal auditing (of companies/projects/kinds of activity/areas of activity/particular legal relations) including due diligence;
  • law-making activity including drafts of normative and non-normative legal acts, their analysis for the compliance/non-compliance with the current legislation;
  • tax optimization proposal development (optimization of taxes, dues, fees and other compulsory paymants) for a company or a group of companies including interdependent/affiliated persons.

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